Recombinant Proteins & Growth Factors

Our Indian subsidiary, Sudhin Biotech Private Limited, specializes in scalable production of bioproducts using precision biotechnology of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) yeast Pichia pastoris, where information encoded in the DNA is delivered to the yeast, which in turn, manufactures and secretes the product of interest.

Our patented perfusion platform technology for production of any secreted bioproducts from high cell density cultures of Pichia or other microbial cultures is highly scalable, using our patented perfusion platform process using BioSettlers.

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Our first protein product is a natural high-intensity sweetener, Brazzein, which is 1000 to 1500 times sweeter than table sugar.

Brazzein is naturally produced in small quantities in West African berry (Pentadiplandra brazzeana) and has been fed to 1+ year-old toddlers to wean them away from breast milk for centuries.

Brazzein has been well-characterized and can be commercially used as a sugar substitute in many food and beverage formulations.

We have produced and purified Brazzein using our precision fermentation technology in Chennai and distributed >30 gram samples to food ingredient (sweetener) manufacturers, such as Sweegen and others in California.

Human Albumin

Human albumin (HA) is the major protein component of human blood. It plays an important role in maintenance of fluid balance in our body and carries vital nutrients and hormones. Recombinant HA (rHA) is produced in Pichia pastoris and it consists of a single polypeptide chain of 585 amino acids with a molecular weight of 66.5 kilodaltons.

rHA can be used as an excipient or stabilizer in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cell-therapy industries.

Advantages associated with animal component free (ACF) rHA include the elimination of the potential risk of viral and other unknown factors in all blood derived products and the independence of the supply of rHA from a process based on isolation from precious donated blood.

Growth factors

Growth factors (GFs) are signalling proteins that affect cellular processes such as growth, proliferation, and differentiation. GFs are used as pharmaceuticals to treat wounds, growth failure, and oral mucositis and as cosmeceuticals, exerting anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and whitening effects.

We have developed Pichia pastoris expression system that produces high yields of soluble GFs and are purified in their native form. Our products are only for laboratory research use, not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Human Fibroblast Growth Factor

Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (hFGF-basic), also known as hFGF-2, is a 16kDa, pleiotropic cytokine and one of the prototypic members of the heparin-binding FGF family. It stimulates the proliferation of a wide variety of cells including mesenchymal, neuroectodermal and endothelial cells.

Our animal component free (ACF) rhFGF2 is expressed in Pichia pastoris as a single chain polypeptide with 146 amino acids.

rhFGF2 can be used as medium supplement for E9.5 neuroepithelial cell culture and as a component in the neurobasal growth medium in growing embryonic neural stem/progenitor cells (NSPCs) in a 2D culture.

Human Epidermal Growth Factor

Human Epidermal Growth Factor (hEGF) is a 6.2 kDa polypeptide molecule. It’s major biological function is to promote the generation of new epithelial and endothelial cells, and to stimulate tissue repairs. With its powerful mitogenic activity, it can speed up the healing process of damaged tissues, ulcers and wounds. hEGF was also found to be effective in the treatments of wrinkles, age spots, freckles and acnes.

Our animal component free (ACF) rhEGF is expressed in Pichia pastoris as a single chain polypeptide with 53 amino acids.

Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1

Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (hIGF-1) is a 7.64 kDa protein. hIGF-1 promotes growth by mediating the effects of growth hormone. hIGF-1 acts synergistically with other growth factors in accelerating the healing of soft and mesenchymal tissue wounds and enhancing the growth of mammalian cells in serum-free tissue-culture medium.

Our animal component free (ACF) rhIGF1 is expressed in Pichia pastoris as a single chain polypeptide with 70 amino acids.